April 05, 2015

Easter walks

Easter is a good time to slow down and eat a lot, sleep a lot and have a great time with the family. It seams like a fairytale. In general it is good to relax. But in this easy peasy atmosphere do not forget about your health. Of course there is so many goodies available ( cakes, Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies) which you have to try but at the end it is good to move a little bit.  Just a short  walk can help you to feel fit again. Take your children, friends, parents and have a walk. Maybe the weather in Geneva is not the best  - especially this cold unpleasant wind, but really it is worth to spend few minutes outside and enjoy the Spring colours and peaceful atmosphere.

Today we had our walk in Nyon (around 30 minutes from Geneva). And what we discovered? Beautifully decorated fountains. Each year during the Easter week the Nyon`s citizens decorate the fountains of Nyon with twigs, coloured eggs, bunnies and flowers. Nyon`s beautiful Old Town and total Easter Focus. I love it.

One more again- enjoy your holidays. Have a great time :) 

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  1. Yeap, i like your idea .... walk walk walk


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