March 12, 2015

Pick The Health- eat strawberry

I would love to introduce you Queen of the March: beautiful, red, sweet Strawberry.
Why you should very welcome the Strawberry in your kitchen? 

S- like a smile.
Eating the strawberries makes happy.
T- like a taste.
There is nothing better than the taste of strawberries… taste of sweet spring.
R- like a recipe.
Strawberry is the queen  of the desserts: strawberry cake, strawberry tart, strawberry jam, strawberry shake….
         A-  like the anti- aging properties.
On Eating strawberries you are giving to your body the resource of the ellagic acid, which protect the skin to prevent sagging. 
W- like a weight loss 
 B like a bone health.
In Strawberries you will find vitamin K, magnesium and potassium witch are indispensable for the bone health.
E- like an eye- health.
Strawberries may lower the risk of macular degeneration.
R-like a red colouring.
Red colouring contains anthocyanins- which stimulate the burning of stored fat.
R- like a red pleasure.
Sun, sweet and sweet strawberries – one of the best pleasures in life.
Y- like YES.
Yes, I want eat them everyday. 

I am sharing with you my recipe for a banana- strawberry smoothie.  Smoothie is a great way to start the day and will make the smile on you face( especially on Monday mornings). Enjoy.

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