April 22, 2015

Natural cosmetic- easy to find?

It is not easy to find one definition for natural cosmetic***. They are certain rules and regulations what to apply to be able to call product as natural. Hmm life is not easy and simple as we tough before.

European Union still didn't prepare one definition for it ( my research in this point has been made in 2015). Other sources of definition we can find in documents published by official or private institutions. Council of Europe has created the guidelines of conditions of use natural claims*. Professional associations as Cosmetic Organic and Natural (Cosmos )**** or International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association (NaTrue) Standard, they created the certifications showing the common standards.

`Description`of  natural cosmetic

Council of Europe Guidelines
'Natural cosmetic' is a product consisting of natural substances of botanical, mineral or animal origin, exclusively obtained through physical, microbiological or enzymatic methods, with certain exceptions for fragrances and preservatives**.

NaTrue standard 
`Natural cosmetics' are products exclusively manufactured from natural substances. 'Natural substances' are substances of botanic or inorganic mineral or animal origin (except dead vertebrates), and substances that are made up of a mixture of other substances and reactions. These substances must be obtained or processed following authorised manufacturing processes.

Under certain conditions, natural cosmetics can contain "natural-identical substances" , "nature-identical inorganic pigments and minerals"  and "nearly natural substances" (ie, substances which are not natural, but are manufactured using processes which are modelled on physiological mechanisms)***.

In general, in `natural cosmetics` not only the ingredients are important but also product development should be environmentally friendly.That's obvious and easy to remember.

Certificates (private organisations )

Private organisations as Certified Natural Cosmetics (BDIH ), Professional Association for Ecological and Organic Cosmetics (Cosmebio ) or Soil Association prepared the standards for `natural cosmetics`. The standards are different, so at the end the producers of ` natural cosmetics` can apply for the certificate they feel will be the most suitable for them.

It sounds complicated? Yes, it is.
In general I have one advice- be a smart consumer and  learn about the certification standards. Buy product which is valuable for you.


*International Law Office
** Natural cosmetics guidelines approved by the Council of Europe expert committee on cosmetics (September 2000).
***Version 2.0 – 03/02/2011 Page 1 of 17 NATRUE La bel: r equirements to b e m et by n atur al and o rganic c osmeti cs
 **** Cosmos Standard

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