April 08, 2015

Pick the happiness and relax

Relaxation is the best cosmetic. If you will not find time to relax, nothing will help you to feel better,  even thousands of different diet supplements, cosmetics, pills. Believe me, a  little bit of peace is invaluable.

Relax, it is simple:

Move your body 
To increase the level of endorphins ( hormone of happiness) you have to move your body. Its not difficult. Movement is running, swimming, walking. There is nothing better than a fresh air. 
Eat healthy
Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Drink water. Eat slowly and enjoy the taste.

Meet your friends
Take care about your relationships. There is so many people which like you and love you,  and do not forget about them. Dinner with friends, weekend with a boyfriend, afternoons in garden with your parent- it is just priceless. 
Be yourself 
When you are yourself ... you are feeling the positive energy. Follow your dreams do not be afraid to talk about your goals and desires. Laugh when you want, enjoy yourself. Listen your favourite music. Its also a kind of simple therapy. 
Sleep well
Seven / eight hours of peaceful sleep...That's the best way to regeneration.

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