May 18, 2015

It' s a lunch time!

During the day we should eat regularly and in small quantities. It's not so easy to choose healthy food during the working day and during the busy week. I'm sure you know it. 

It is so easy to pick some ready sandwiches or salads from the supermarket( the label before buying) instead of consuming really good and healthy goodies. Remember eating the junk products can be really dangerous for your stomach and for your general fitness.

I also had this problem before. Buying my lunches in the market, asap during a lunch break ( nowadays I'm observing a big progress in the offer of supermarkets in Switzerland). Unfortunately in my work place we do not have a nice small bistro serving a take away lunches and my lunch break is just simply to short to fallow all the long procedure from ordering to delivery, eating and paying a bill. Once I got really stomach issues and digestion problem. And you know what? Solution was simple. I told to myself: You have to find the time to prepare every evening your lunch box for next day. I started to cooking at the evening a bit bigger portion to take leftovers next day to work. My lunch box was a great idea. It was a few years ago. Now I can see that there is even better solution for fast life - ready lunch boxes delivered to your home ( in Switzerland you can find some companies offering such a services just to your doors- I never tried it - so can not share my experience). 

My lunch box is a dream box.  I know what kind of products I am buying and I am sure that's good choice. My lunch contains always proteins, a little bit carbs plus some vegetables. For afternoon I have small sweet goodies ( I just love it)  chocolate or small sweet fruits ( good for a coffee break). The most important-  I am drinking a lot of water  my body just needs that. 
How about you? What contains your lunchbox ? What are you eating during your lunch break? Which snacks are you picking? Share with me :) I would like to know your story. 

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