March 23, 2015

Pick The Health- simple guidline- How to buy cosmetic products?

Probably there is not a person who did not use the toothpaste, deodorant, soap or face cream. First contact  with cosmetics we have immediately after waking up. Our morning in the bathroom:
-  body soap or gel,
body creams
- hair gels,
- antiperspirant, deodorant or perfume.  

We have to use cosmetic products to clean the body, to smell good and to be healthy (higenic).
So, as you can see the cosmetics are everyday with us- it is the part of our life.  

Please note that not all cosmetics for daily care can be healthy for your body. Most of them, even those expensive branded, contain chemicals that are absorbed into our body causing a very serious diseases. In most cases we are not even aware of the problem. It is no secret that in the cosmetic industry they use toxic chemicals, some of them are dangerous in contact with plain water, human sweat, and some react in conjunction with other products.It turns out that the harmful chemicals can be found not only in these cheap products, but also in a number of branded, often very expensive cosmetics.

So ... when you decide to spend  your money for cosmetics, it is worth check if the products are not poisoning your body. Cosmetic companies always indicate on the label the chemical composition  which contein product and it is worth to pay attention to this information.  

When buying cosmetics, carefully read the label and avoid these chemicals and their derivatives:


When buying cosmetics or any other product, check the label does not contain harmful chemicals, parabens, such as:
 Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Isopropylparaben , Propylparaben, Butylparaben,
Benzylparaben, Glutaraldehyde, Hexamidine-Diisethionate, Phenol,
Phenyl Mercuric Acetate, Phenyl Mercuric Borate, Benzetonium Chloride.

When buying cosmetics, always check the label if the product does not contain harmful aluminum salts, such as:
Aluminium hydroxide, Aluminium oxide, Aluminium silicate, Aluminium stearate
Aluminium starch octenylsuccinate, Aluminium Chloride, Aluminium Chlorohydrate
Aluminium Chlorohydrex, Aluminium Chlorohydrex PG, Aluminium Distearate
Aluminium Sesquichlorohydrate, Aluminium Stearate, Aluminium Tristearate, Aluminium Zirconium Trichlorohydrex GLY.

Beware of these cosmetics that contain hazardous to health paraffin compounds:
Paraffinum Liquidum, Paraffin, Synthetic Wax, Isoparaffin, Mineral Oil
Vaseline, Petrolatum, Ceresin, Isododecane, Isobutane, Isohexadecane
Ozokerite, Cera Microcristallina

Remember when you are going to buy any cosmetic, you should know that cosmetics manufacturers are obliged to place on the labels of the products their composition. It is your choice that you are buing sometihing. Use your freedom and choose well for yourself.

 People with weak eyes should equip themselves with a magnifying glass which will allow a correct reading of the content.

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