March 27, 2015

Pick the healthy lifestyle plan

Why the sport exercises are important? The first thing that comes to my mind is the breasts and the buttocks, a flat stomach and the slender legs. I love my body. In addition to these obvious elements, there is still something very important (maybe more important ), which is created during the regular sport activity - it is NATURE of MENTALITY.

It does not sounds nice...but I am proud that my body looks good. It was not an easy way.  I was also at the beginning of the road to success now I am celebrating. I safely lost 4 kilos. 

How I did it? First of all I changed my diet. I am not eating ready snacks, ready dishes bought in supermarkets/ snack shops, on the way to work. I am not drinking artificial drinks, I am buying only fresh juices and when I have time I am doing juices at home. I discovered that I am spending around 30 minutes per a day to prepare a good healthy dish, smoothies, my lunch box etc. Before work I am trying always have a good healthy breakfast ( believe me it takes only 10 minutes to prepare a smoothie). So my first advice is to forget about miracle diet. The quality of success is wholesome food and healthy menu.

My second advice I am training. By regular sport activity, I know that I can reach the top of my dreams. Four times per a week, I am running and doing pilates. Regularity is indispensable. I found  time with dedication only to myself (its around five hours per week ). I am working for my happiness, it gives me a power which I can share with the others - my family, my partner, my coworkers.My process of transformation was calm and peaceful. I was enjoying my activity. Now, I am happy in my  body

You should do a sport regularly. I do not say that everything will come super-easy. What is more, I am telling you that there will be the blood, the sweat and the tears. That is  very good. Someone, once told me that something that costs nothing is worth nothing. There is a difference between a person who got rid of the excess pounds, he/ she went to liposuction, and the person who trained hard at the gym. Hard work gives you the healthy benefits.

Regular sport activity makes woman/ men more attractive. You are learning what a life is... it is a daily trophies, but sometimes failures. Sport gives extraordinary experience and useful skills... we are learning from the success and the failures that we met.  
Remember success must be earned primarily by you, honestly and without shortcuts. Remember only person which you are cheating is yourself...

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