March 16, 2015

The best way to keep cosmetic products.

Cosmetics are playing a really important role in our lives. This products help us to clean our body and keep us in good shape. Personal care and hygiene supports our self image. In European society the appearance plays a  major role in  social life. Beauty care products and healthy lifestyle are helping us to feel happy. From cosmetics we radiate vitality and energy. Personal care is building the harmony between mind and body.

I am always taking care about what I  put in my body( nutrition),  what I put on my body(cosmetics) and what I do with my body( exercises). About cosmetics that  I use I will write another time.

I would love to share now some small information about how to store cosmetic products.
Beauty products to work well, must be properly stored. I always take care that beauty products are not exposed to sunlight and are stored in constant low air temperature area ( never near the radiator). Before I apply the cream I always wash my hands.  I clean the brushes and applicators at least once a week (it takes around 3 minutes). From time to time I disinfect and remove old cream which remains on the tubes, jars and caps. Once per month I am checking products expiration date- I do not want to put on my skin something which is old and maybe already just not healthy for my skin. 

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